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Migratecable.com came to life over 3 years ago thanks to our founder, Ingila S. Realising that people wanted an easier, more transparent way to compare the Internet, TV along with trustworthy advice on the subject, he set about creating Migratecable.com. With a team of just three people to start with, the company slowly grew over time, and continues to do so. Today we're still a small team with a wide skillset that's maintained a personal approach to doing business. You won't find any faceless, corporate types here, just a family of passionate, motivated people who want to save you time and money.

We do that by supplying you with all the information you need – clearly and simply – to make the right purchase, so you can then spend your free time doing something more fun. We keep a very close eye on the US leading providers of TV, Internet, home phone, and mobile, in order to ensure our listings are up to date to the day.

Our service is free; there are no hidden costs and no nasty surprises. Furthermore, our listings include all charges, including line rental, so you can be sure the prices you see are the prices you pay.

Why compare with us?

Migratecable.com helps you quickly and easily compare Internet, TV, landline and mobile packages from the US leading Internet, TV, phone, and mobile providers. This allows every one of our visitors to…

Save Money

You could save hundreds of dollars per year when you switch your Internet, TV or mobile provider with us today. If you're sticking with the same providers on the same deals year after year, not only are you throwing money away that you could be spending on other things, but you're also missing out on the fab new-customer introductory deals offered by most providers.

New customer deals often come with free gifts, shopping vouchers or cashback, and/or limited-time prices. This is why sticking with what you have rather than switching when you can is often referred to humorously as 'loyalty tax'. Providers treat new customers better than old customers.

Trust in us with complete peace of mind

Our visitors have rated our service an average of four out of five stars according to our user reviews posted on Trustpilot. This puts us leaps and bounds ahead of many of our competitors on customer experience. And if you write to us, you will get a personal response from one of our team. No automated replies. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Safe and secure

Migratecable.com is hosted on secure servers, meaning you can compare with confidence and peace of mind. And we don't store any information you provide us (zip code etc.) unless you volunteer it – for example, agree to sign up to our mailing list.

How do we make money?

If you buy something from a page on our site, the provider will pay us a small commission for sending you their way. The price you pay will always be equal to – or quite often cheaper than – the price you would pay by going direct to the provider.

However, unlike some comparison sites, we show you every deal that's relevant to you – we don't hide or exclude deals that don't make us money. Quite simply, we want you to get the deal that's best for you. The most important thing for us is that you find the deal that's absolutely right for you. Whether we make a commission or not is very much an after thought.

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Migratecable.com provides free and impartial advice to help customers make an informed choice on the Internet, TV, and phone packages. Our price comparison calculator guarantees the site is always easy to use, reliable, and up to date.

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