ATT TV A Real Live TV


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16 November 2020

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ATT TV A Real Live TV

Learn About AT&T TV

What is AT&T TV? Before we simply spell out how this TV service is defined, let us step back into the meaning of “watching TV” expression.
Watching TV has always been a straightforward action. Some programming is delivered to a device that has a screen on which you watch news, movies, or basketball games.
AT&T TVThinking back, a single TV box with a black and white screen may come onto our mind. It’s receiving TV signals over an antenna or cable. We may or may not have a remote control.

Fast forward to the year 2020, and here we are with AT&T TV service that comes on top of other TV services like DIRECTV.
Not just that it comes after all of these, but it really sounds and looks like a result of all of the experiences AT&T had as a provider of all of them. It crowned its experience with this all-in-one entertainment solution.

So, what is AT&T TV?

AT&T TV is an Internet-based advanced TV service that uses a single device to combine Live TV, Cloud-based DVR storage, a huge On-Demand programming library, access to 5000+ TV and music apps, and voice control.
Wait, wait, wait… Let’s break this definition down a bit.

Live TV

Live TV programming that you would have with any of the ordinary TV subscriptions. Movies, sports, shows, news, weather, local channels.

On-Demand Programming Library

Access to up to 55,000 on-demand titles to watch whenever you want.

Cloud-Based DVR Storage

Record up to 500 hours of shows which are kept for up to 90 days. Watch on any of your devices, not just the TV. Record unlimited shows simultaneously.

5000+ TV and Music Apps

Access any of the entertainment apps at Google Play™ Store. AT&T TV devices comes preloaded with such as Netflix and Pandora.

Voice Control

Use your voice instead of a remote-control device. Using voice remote with the built-in Google Assistant lets you exercise voice commands to find your favorite movies and shows, switch channels, or turn close captioning on and off. Check the traffic, weather, stocks, and news, or simply… dim the lights before your favorite game starts if you “employ” a smart home solution.

So, as we can see, AT&T TV has a lot to offer, but that is not all.

Additional AT&T TV Features

In addition to the above-mentioned features, AT&T TV also brings the following:

  • 4K enabled — Watch shows and use apps in 4K resolution.
  • Go wireless — No more cords. Pair your Bluetooth® speakers, headphones, and other devices.
  • Watch anytime, anywhere — Watch on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser with the AT&T TV app.
  • Universal search — You can query any source of the programming in one search.
  • International channels and packages available — Add a Spanish package or Vietnamese, Brazilian, or Korean channels to your AT&T TV package.
  • Multidevice capable — Watch it on your regular big screen TV or your smartphone or tablet.
  • Multiuser — You can stream 3 different shows on 3 different devices at the same time.

AT&T TV Packages and Channels

AT&T offers 4 main packages in English and one in Spanish:

  • XTRA

There are two more English packages that are offered only during the checkout process. They are not listed among other packages. You can find more information about all of these packages at our AT&T TV Packages page.

AT&T TV International Packages and Channels

With AT&T TV you can add international TV packages with Brazilian, Korean, Spanish, or Vietnamese channels.
For the Spanish language, you can select add-ons like Deportes and Español. The Deportes package provides sports networks in Spanish. The Español package offers programmings like novels and movies. The full AT&T TV Spanish package ÓPTIMO MÁS offers over 50 channels of news, telenovelas, movies, and sports, all in Spanish. In addition, it features over 40 channels in English.
To learn more about all International AT&T TV Packages, visit our page about AT&T TV International programming.

Additional Entertainment

Besides all the streaming sources, you can add extras like HBO®, CINEMAX®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®. The First 3 months are free, then the prevailing rate will be charged (currently $54 /month).

AT&T TV Availability

AT&T TV is available nationwide (excludes Puerto Rico & U.S.V.I.), as long as you have the Internet connection available. If you are ordering AT&T TV in a bundle with the Internet, then the availability solely depends on the availability of the AT&T Internet in your area.

AT&T TV Requirements

AT&T TV service provides numerous ways of watching TV, yet it only requires an Internet connection in order to get you going. The recommended minimum for streaming is the Internet connection with the speed of 8Mbps. The optimal recommendation is the speed of 25Mbps or higher. This is so you can use it for 3 concurrent AT&T streams.
If you would like to enjoy the picture and programming in 4K, the internet speed higher then 25Mbps speed is desirable, plus a 4K capable TV.
To use AT&T TV on devices other than your TV, you are required to download the AT&T TV app. This way, you can enjoy the service on your smartphone or tablet.
It is worth noting that the content from AT&T TV can also be accessed directly through your web browser.

For the complete list of equipment, devices, and platforms that you can use to watch AT&T TV, visit our AT&T TV Equipment page.