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19 January 2021

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Cable TV Providers

The Relevance of Cable TV & Xfinity Cable TV Packages

The US cable system currently provides access to TV for over 60 million households. The term "cable TV" has itself become synonymous with having a great selection of programs to choose from. Things are changing somewhat, however, and cable TV now competes with fiber-based TV, satellite TV, and new streaming services.
But it's still one of the most popular ways people get access to TV channels, as well as the Internet. This article will go over some of the advantages of cable TV and what kind of TV plans are available from Xfinity.

Advantages of Cable TV

The phrase "cutting the cord" is directly associated with cable TV. Many people are looking to cut exchange their cable TV subscriptions for other types of access to TV programming. But even though cutting the cord is more and more popular, there are still many reasons why sticking with cable TV is beneficial.

Cable TV Is Simpler

And this kind of simplicity can’t be overstated. Sure, streaming services use simplicity as a selling point. But there are also numerous subscriptions to different streaming providers, and there are passwords to remember. Also, billings can be all at a different time of the month. On top of that, streaming requires a high-speed Internet connection. That’s another pre-requisite and that means having to make another decision on what kind of Internet plan you need.

Cable Is Better for Sports Fans

For people passionate about watching and following sports, sticking to cable TV might not be an option at all. When it comes to sports coverage, cable TV is still the absolute winner. Sure, ESPN has its app, and there are ways to stream sports online, but access to live sporting events is best through cable TV.

Delays of TV Show Episodes

This might not seem like a big deal, but people who actually cut the cord and rely on Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch TV shows, sometimes have to wait for new episodes longer. Unless it's the original content, most episodes are available on streaming apps much later than they are with cable TV. For people who prefer a steady, weekly episode release, rather than binging several seasons at once, cable TV feels more comfortable.

Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

Another cable TV rival is satellite TV. It’s also a very popular way to access many TV channels. But how do they compare? When it comes to the number of available channels, things are relatively similar. The only difference is that satellite TV has better access to international TV channels. Cable TV is better when it comes to local TV channels and news.
In terms of quality, satellite TV does have more HD channels. However, when it comes to the equipment and installation, cable TV remains superior. The interior cable connection is much more appealing than an exterior satellite dish.
Not only is it often an eye-sore, but it's more susceptible to changes in the weather. The only real notable difference, however, between cable TV and satellite TV is that satellite is great for people in rural areas that don't have access to cable.

Xfinity Digital Cable TV

Xfinity Cable TV offers a lot of entertainment with their cable TV plans. Subscribers are able to access On Demand titles and re-watch old episodes of their favorite series. Many X1 packages have the Xfinity X1 advanced DVR model. It can also be added to most Xfinity TV and Internet deals.
It also features the X1 Voice Remote, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Xfinity has sole cable TV packages and also cable TV and Internet bundles.

Limited Basic

For just $39.95, this package delivers 10+ channels and most local channels like ABC, NBC, and Fox. The free-installation kit is included. This package also gives you access to the Xfinity Stream app. And the On-Demand feature is also available.

Digital Starter

The more robust cable TV package from Xfinity costs $69 per month and has 140+ channels. It also features access to the Xfinity Stream app, but it also has X1 Voice Remote with the TV box, and channels like FX, TLC, HGTV, etc. Just like the Limited Basic, this package comes with the self-install kit.

Xfinity Stream App

One of the best features of Xfinity TV and Internet plans is that all of them come with the Xfinity Stream app included with other services. This app lets users watch all of their channels from any device. You can even use it to schedule recordings on the DVR. The Xfinity Stream app is available for download on the Play Store, App Store, and Amazon Appstore.


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Cable TV is Still Among the Favorites

There are so many homes across the US with an active cable TV subscription. Undoubtedly. It’s been the most significant way of introducing so many different networks, movies, live TV broadcasting, and pretty much everything else for decades.

Cutting the cord might seem easy and a natural step to some, but for others giving up cable TV is still an extreme step. Either way, Xfinity has great cable TV packages that include the amazing Xfinity Stream app that takes the cable TV experience to the next level.