DIRECTV Resource Guide


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21 January 2021

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DIRECTV Resource Guide

DIRECTV Resource Guide

Everything You Need to Know about AT&T DIRECTV

What is DIRECTV?

What is DIRECTV, how it works, and what features and benefits it offers to its customers? Learn more about DIRECTV now.

Features of DIRECTV Service

Learn about DIRECTV Everywhere, DIRECTV Cinema, Whole-Home DVR, DIRECTV On Demand, and more. Get the latest about the advanced DIRECTV features. More about DIRECTV Features.

DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV brings a lots of choices when about TV Programming packages, no matter if you are on the look for best movie channels plan, or looking for the ultimate sports experience. Here is more about DIRECTV Packages.


Having DIRECTV in a bundle with other AT&T services provides a consumer with a chance to save money while getting TV, high speed Internet, home phone and wireless services from the same service provider. DIRECTV bundle options come as double, triple, and quad plays. Get the latest about DIRECTV Bundles.


What makes a better choice when you compare DIRECTV to AT&T TV service? How does DIRECTV stands when compared to AT&T TV and which one offers more channels and features in your area? Compare DIRECTV to AT&T TV now.

DIRECTV Compared to AT&T TV

While both TV services, AT&T TV and DIRECTV offer different features, and they also differ in how they work. Learn more from our Compare DIRECTV to AT&T TV page.


Each consumer related service has its own questions about how it works, what it provides, subscription terms, cancellation policy, and more. That applies to DIRECTV as well. See questions and answers at our DIRECTV FAQs page.

DIRECTV Internet

While DIRECTV is a sole TV service, it can be bundled with AT&T Internet so you get the best of the two – TV and Internet services. More about DIRECTV Internet.

DIRECTV Equipment

DIRECTV Genie receiver, other HD DVR receivers, and DIRECTV remotes. How to connect DIRECTV hardware to the Internet? Learn more about DIRECTV Equipment.

A History of DIRECTV

How DIRECTV evolved into a superb TV service, and how it became a part of AT&T? Read more about History of DIRECTV.