High Speed Internet


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06 January 2021

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High Speed Internet

High Internet Connection Speeds up to 1 Gbps in select areas

Internet Plans Best of AT&T, Verizon & Xfinity

The topic of broadband Internet is certainly an inexhaustive one. There’s a lot of competition among the largest telecommunication companies in the US. These providers are always looking to top each other on matters of speed, service, and cost.

The leading internet providers are AT&T, Verizon, and Xfinity (Comcast). But what kind of Internet plans do these companies offer, and how do they compare? This article will offer all the information and details that will provide the answer.

AT&T Internet Plans

AT&T has three basic internet plans. But the company also offers very attractive TV + Internet bundles. There are some benefits to opting for bundles for sure. But for now, these are the details of each of the three Internet plans.

Internet 100

This AT&T plan has speed up to 100Mbps and the monthly cost is $50. The length of the contract is 12 months. This plan is excellent for a smaller household and where there aren't many devices connected at the same time. With a speed of up to 100Mbps, a 1GB file can be downloaded in just under two minutes. And as far as upload speed goes, a dozen photos can be uploaded in just over 10 seconds.

Internet 300

Priced at also $50, the Internet 300 plan offers the Internet with a speed of 300Mbps. It works best with TV and movie streaming. Therefore, people with streaming service subscriptions are likely to go with at least this plan. To top things off, professional installation is included in this plan. Compared to Comcast, the upload speeds are 15 times faster. This plan is perfect for large file sharing and connecting multiple devices without a hitch.

Internet 1000

This is AT&T's most expensive and comprehensive Internet plan. For $70 per month, the plan includes 1000Mbs of high-speed Internet. This kind of connection is suitable for online gaming and homes that have multiple devices for streaming and downloading. Professional installation is also included in this plan. This AT&T Internet plan is super compatible with smart 4K TVs.

AT&T Smart Home Manager App

In order to sustain the reputation of being number one in customer satisfaction, AT&T Internet has an app that customers can use to control their Wi-Fi home network. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store and offers a lot of settings options. It's possible to see which device is connected to the network, view and edit the password, and there’s a Parents Control feature as well.

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Verizon Internet Plans

Verizon has enjoyed a quick rise and become the most reliable internet provider in the US. There are many benefits to choosing Verizon, and the most important ones are fast and stable Internet connection. Plans come with no hidden fees, and there’s a Disney+ Bundle included for all new subscribers. All Verizon Internet plans can be set on autopay.

200 Mbps

This is one of three basic Verizon plans. The price is $39.99 per month, and the speed is up to 200Mbs. It's a decent plan that will work great for smaller households with a maximum of three devices connected at a time. In the case of larger households and more devices, other plans are better.

400 Mbps

For the price of $59.99, most US households will have stable and fast Internet with as many devices connected as they want. 400Mbps is more than enough when it comes to the frequent use of streaming services and downloading large files. Unless users need more than ten devices connected at a time, this is an excellent plan.

Gigabit Connection

The name of this plan suggests that Internet speed is 1000Mbps. And that’s essentially true. The speed goes up to 940Mbs and will provide enough speed for any kind of need one might need in a household. Online gaming, streaming on multiple devices, and downloading large files is pretty much effortless. It's also the preferred plan if the number of devices connected exceeds 10.


One of the most attractive offers that came out of Verizon is the free Disney+ subscription. After Disney+ was launched in November 2019, the company launched some amazing promotions and offers. Verizon adds a year-long Disney+ subscription to all new Verizon members, pending eligibility. This promotional offer will apply through March 2020. Also, after one year of subscription, members will have to either cancel or continue to pay the $6.99 fee.

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Xfinity Internet

Xfinity is a subsidiary of a major telecommunication company known as Comcast. The company needs no introduction and has long been at the forefront of quality service and innovation. Xfinity Internet, like the other two providers, has three Internet plans in their basic offer. Also, all of the Xfinity Internet plans include 1TB of Internet per month. In case this limit is exceeded, chargers will apply.

Internet Performance Starter

This is the very basic and the cheapest Internet plan from Xfinity. There’s a self-install kit included, and the speed is 25Mbps. Unsurprisingly, the price matches the speed. It costs only $20 per month to subscribe to this plan. It's ideal for connecting one or two devices, and it's more than enough for downloading music or streaming non-HD content.

Internet Performance

For $40 per month, Xfinity introduces a plan that’s great for a medium-sized household that can connect up to five devices at a time. It's also suitable for streaming light content, and the downloading speed is great. For no additional cost, users can add a Flex 4K streaming device and a voice remote. The self-install kit is included, and the setup is simple.

Internet + TV Performance

Last but not least, in line is the most expensive Xfinity plan. The price tag of $75 per month is good for two years, unlike the previous two plans that are signed for one year at a time. The internet speed doesn't surpass 100Mbs, but this plan includes 125+ TV channels. For people who want to connect these two services, this plan comes with the X1 voice remote, and Xfinity Stream app for a better viewing experience.

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Choosing the Right Provider and Internet Plan

The best Internet plan has to combine several factors. First, there needs to be adequate coverage. Then the speed and the price have to be in a good ratio. Also, in the cases of Xfinity, one of the plans include TV channels, but not high-speed Internet.

Verizon and AT&T recognize the need for the fast Internet, but Verizon was also able to land the Disney+ promotion that has scored them many new subscribers. The final determinator is how many devices will be connected at the same time and what are the download/upload requirement of the potential subscribers.