How to Program Charter Remote to TV


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26 September 2021

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How to Program Charter Remote to TV

If you are a first time Charter Spectrum™ customer then as soon as you received your equipment a question might have popped in your head, “How do I program Charter remote to my TV?” Programming your TV remote is a very helpful thing - saves a lot of time and energy. It just needs a few minutes to do this, yet the reward is huge. You get a smooth, seamless experience while watching your favorite content. Prior to setting up and programming, you need to observe and study your Charter remote properly.

How to sync Charter remote to TV - Quick Walkthrough

  1. Look for your device code in the list shared underneath.
  2. Switch on the TV set you want to program.
  3. Press the Power key on your TV’s remote.
  4. Hold the TV and SEL buttons till the LED blinks two times before you release it.
  5. Type in the code for your TV brand.
  6. Test the TV by pressing the TV Power key. If your TV switches off, you have entered the right code and it's automatically saved.
  7. If the TV does not turn off, repeat steps 2 to 6.

It will be a good idea to learn about the sequence of buttons on the remote before getting started. This will help you use the remote in a seamless flow while programming. You won't have to stop, think, and keep finding the buttons. After this, with the following steps, you will be able to program your remote like a pro.

How to hook up Charter Remote to TV - Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First of all, you need to find out a four-digit code that corresponds to your TV brand. This code can be easily found in the user manual that comes with the Charter TV remote. If for any reason, you don't seem to get your hands on the manual, you can still get your code through Spectrum’s official website or the list we will be sharing in this article. You can also get in touch with Spectrum customer online support or simply call the customer service number to get all your queries sorted instantly by talking to a representative.
  2. Secondly, the device to be programmed needs to be switched on. Then, you will have to press the related button, for example, if you want to program your DVR, you will be required to press the DVR button on the remote.
  3. After this, you are to press the Setup button. You will have to keep holding the button until a red light blinks two times.
  4. Now, you will enter the four-digit code through the keypad. Afterward, you need to press the Power button until the device is powered off. In case it isn’t turned off, you will be required to start the process again - not from the start though, just from the third step.

How to set up Charter Cable Remote to TV - Find the Codes First

If for some reason you could not find the corresponding code and could not figure out how to program a Charter remote to TV, try scanning your remote so that it can search for the correct code in its memory. To scan the right code and set up Charter cable remote to TV, you need to check the remote's memory to see what codes it has stored in it. This process can consume a lot of time and energy. To make it easier for yourself, follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure your scanning process is purposeful.

  1. Firstly, turn the device on - that has to be programmed.
  2. Then, push the button linked to the device (TV, DVR, etc.) which is supposed to be programmed.
  3. After this, push the button called - Setup; keep pressing it until a red light blinks two times.
  4. Through the keypad, enter 9.9.1.
  5. The remote you are going to use may have hundreds of codes stored in the memory. Thus, only press the button that is linked to the device that you desire to program.
  6. No matter what device it is - be it DVR, TV set, or an audio device, it will blink two times.
  7. Press the Power button while the Charter remote is facing the device.
  8. Now keep holding the button for Channel Up until you see the device is turned off.
  9. Press the Power key to turn on the device, and press the button for Setup. The code will be locked.


Charter Remote Codes for Devices

By now you must be clear on how do you program a Charter remote to TV. You probably have an idea after looking at the programming that it is quite easy if you want to learn. Certainly, like any other new electronic gadget, it might take you some time to get familiar with it, but as soon you are at it, it’s pretty user friendly even if you are not tech-savvy. The only complex part is to get the right codes that are compatible with your TV brand/set. To make this task easy for you, we have collected a list that might assist you to find out the right code that is compatible with your TV set:

TV Brand Codes
Dynex 2049
Magnavox 1867, 1454, 2597, 1755, 0171, 0051, 1365, 1913, 1963, 1990, 2492
LG 1423, 0178, 0017, 1768
Philips 1867, 1454, 2597, 0171, 1365, 1990, 2492, 2622, 2992
Panasonic 1480, 1927, 1947, 1925, 0051
Samsung 0178, 0812, 1959, 2051
RCA 0047, 0090, 0051, 1661, 1868, 1958, 1959, 2183,2434, 2746, 2932, 2855, 3382, 3577, 3717
Zenith 1423, 0178, 0047, 0017, 0463, 1661, 1365
Sharp 2360
TCL 2434
Sony 0810, 1685
Vizio 1758, 2707, 0864, 1756, 0885
Toshiba 1524, 1343, 1369, 1935, 1959, 2684
Insignia 1524, 1343, 1369, 1935, 1959, 2684

Final Verdict:

If even after all this, you’re finding it difficult to set up the Charter cable remote to your TV - we suggest you repeat the above-mentioned steps and then get help from the Spectrum customer service team in case the problem persists. Now that you know how to connect Charter remote to TV, nothing can come between you and the unlimited entertainment that Spectrum cable TV offers.

In case you want to further learn how to program Charter remote to Emerson TV, how to program Charter remote to Panasonic TV, how to connect Charter remote to Vizio TV or any other set up, check the list of codes and find a step by step guide online to get complete details on how to set up Charter remote to TV set.