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09 January 2021

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Streaming TV Service

AT&T TV & Sling TV Great Streaming Options

Nowadays, people are more and more prepared to cut the cord and move on from cable TV. It seems like a natural step in the evolution of how people consume content. That said, there’s been a lot of contention surrounding this issue. After all, streaming is still a relatively new phenomenon, and cable has been around for decades.
Many companies are doing their best to make streaming the new norm for every household. Two of those are AT&T TV and Sling TV. In the ever-growing streaming market, these two providers are standing strong.


AT&T TV is a new AT&T's TV service. AT&T is a major contender when it comes to live TV, the Internet, and now streaming.
This service offers a lot of channel options, and their packages, if on a pricier spectrum, are extensive and hard to compete with. They also provide a True Cloud DVR feature that lets subscribers record up to 500 hours of live TV and watch it any time they want.

AT&T TV Plans

One of the great things about AT&T TV is that users can get access to the local channels depending on where they live. On their website you can search available local channels if you give them your zip code. But that’s just one of the benefits of using their services. So, what are their featured streaming plans and their prices?
The company advertises four of their most popular packages. But there are seven in total, including the plan with Spanish-speaking channels. The featured four plans are:

  • XTRA

The Spanish package is:


There are two more AT&T TV packages:

  • Plus
  • Max

They both include HBO, and the Max plan even includes Cinemax.

An important thing worth mentioning here is that pricing and programing are subject to change, and these are the prices listed at the time of this writing.
The HBO channel is included in all AT&T TV plans, but there are also exclusive channel add-ons subscribers can purchase in order to customize their plans.

  • HBO – $15 per month
  • Cinemax – $11 per month
  • Showtime – $11 per month
  • STARZ – $11 per month
  • Epix – $6 per month
  • Movies Extra pack – $5 per month

Supported Devices

When talking about streaming services, there’s always the question of how accessible they are across platforms. The good news is that AT&T TV is available pretty much on any device. You can watch it on Roku and Apple TV, for example. When it comes to Amazon Fire TV, the supported devices have to be from the second generation and above.
But one of the significant benefits of streaming is that you can do it from anywhere. So, naturally, AT&T TV is supported on most mobile devices. As far as iOS goes, it's supported from version 9 and above. And Android devices from version 4.4 and above are also supported, including Kindle Fire.

For the complete list visit the AT&T TV Equipment page.


Leaning about streaming plans, prices, and supported devices mean making an informed decision about whether to subscribe or not. But there’s another thing that could help potential subscribers make a decision. What kind of features and interface does AT&T TV have? The viewing experience is, ultimately, all about the quality.
The AT&T TV interface works really well on newer devices, and it's quite responsive. Sure, some smaller issues may occur with older devices, but that's to be expected. The image quality is clear and sharp, and there are no other major issues.

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Sling TV

Sling TV has the right to boast because it was the first live TV streaming service. The company, which is the subsidiary of DISH Network, was a sort of trailblazer when it started operating back in 2015. Sling TV is available on TVs, mobile devices, and web browsers. They offer live TV and many On Demand channels.

Sling TV Streaming Plans

When it comes to streaming TV packages, Sling TV tends to keep things simple. They have two basic plans and a further combination of the two.

  • Sling Orange – 33 channels for $30 per month (first month $20)
  • Sling Blue – 48 channels $30 per month (first month $20)
  • Orange + Blue – 51 channels for $35 per month (first month $35)

Clearly, Sling Orange and Sling Blue have the same price, so what’s the catch? Sling Blue doesn’t include ESPN and Disney. But it allows up to three streams at the same time. Sling Orange does have Disney and ESPN but allows for only one stream at a time.

Supported Devices

To use Sling TV, you first have to go to Sling TV and create an account. After that, users can install the Sling TV app and watch their content. When it comes to supported devices, things look pretty great. Subscribers can watch Sling TV on all Android mobile devices, and the same applies to iOS devices.
It’s also supported by Roku TV, Apple TV, LG TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV. The only devices where Sling TV is unavailable are Xbox, PlayStation, and pre-2015 Apple TV.


Sling TV has a very intuitive and easy to navigate interface. It's not too different from Netflix. Looking for TV shows and movies are relatively easy using the search bar. You can choose the favorite shows and movies and also continue watching where you left off. Sling TV also offers 10 hours of DVR storage, but users can purchase extra 50 hours for $5. Also, Sling TV does have commercials that users can't skip or remove.


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Is Streaming TV Better Than Cable TV?

Naturally, Cable TV and Streaming TV are in heavy competition. People who might be considering cutting the cord because it seems like an appealing idea might find themselves undecided. But what are the main advantages of streaming?
One of the major bonuses is that you can keep to your own schedules. Sure, cable providers offer DVR solutions and recording options, but sitting down and playing your favorite episode with just a few clicks, sounds pretty amazing.
Have you heard of "binge-watching"? Well, streaming services have made that into a daily reality for many people. On a cold winter’s night, going through an entire season of a brand-new show is one of the best ways to pass the time.
On a more serious note, unless you subscribe to every streaming provider on the market, watching stream TV is more affordable. People usually stick to one or two services that satisfy all their TV watching needs.

Choose Your Streaming TV Champion

It's impossible to consider Streaming TV without considering what AT&T and Sling TV have to offer. Not only is their content available on almost every platform one can imagine, but they both also provide Cloud-based DVR services.
Sling TV is definitely a cheaper option, but AT&T comes packed with so many premium channels that subscribers are unlikely to miss anything in terms of content. So, when it comes to cutting the cord, these two providers are ready to jump in and fill the void.