Wireless Phone Services


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16 November 2020

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Wireless Phone Services

Wireless (Cell) Phone Plans from Verizon & AT&T

Having a great wireless plan can substantially impact your daily activities. Depending on lifestyle and work, people have different requirements in terms of what kind of wireless plan they need. Fortunately, the two biggest wireless providers in the US, Verizon, and AT&T have done so much to give users optimal wireless plans.
Verizon Wireless is an award-winning network that’s difficult to compete with. But AT&T Wireless downloading speeds and prices makes them a strong contender as well. This article will explore the quality and diversity of offers from both of these providers.

Verizon Wireless Plans

Verizon Wireless is a national cellular network, covering the majority of citizens in the US. When it comes to 4G, the speed is absolutely superior compared to other mobile networks. Also, Verizon is one of the first networks that has tackled the development of 5G networks and is in the process of offering coverage to some areas.
In terms of wireless plans, Verizon has many different options, but they can be divided into two groups — Unlimited and Shared Data. There’s also a prepaid option that will be discussed in this article.

Unlimited Plans

Nowadays, having unlimited wireless data isn’t a big deal. Data plans used to be more expensive and the data caps were nothing like they are today. And it’s no wonder, with the rise of streaming services, social media platforms, and just the amount of data traffic, people expect not to worry about limitations when it comes to their cell phone plan. Here are the unlimited wireless cell phone plans from Verizon:

  • Start — priced at $70, comes with Unlimited 4G LTE, no HD streaming, six months of Apple Music
  • Play More — priced at $80, comes with 5G access where applicable, Apple music, Unlimited 4G, 720p stream quality
  • Do More — priced at $80, comes with 5G access, Unlimited 4G, no HD streaming, 500GB of cloud storage, six months Apple Music
  • Get More — priced at $90, has everything Do More includes, plus 720p streaming quality, and Mobile Hotspot data
  • Just Kids — priced at $35, manages the kids’ screen time, filters content, and tracks the location

Shared Data

Some people find that they don’t need an unlimited plan because they’re not heavy users of social media or streaming. But still, they need a quality plan that will cover all their needs. Also, if they want a shared plan that can cover more people or an entire family, this is the preferred choice.
Verizon has several shared data plans. All of these shared data plans have 4G LTE access, unlimited talk and text options, carryover data feature, safety mode, Verizon Up rewards, and the option for Data Boost of 1GB for $15.

  • S — priced at $35 and 2GB
  • M — priced at $50 and 4GB
  • L — priced at $70 and 8GB
  • 5GB — priced at $40 and there is only one phone per plan

There are other single device plans from Verizon that are for one basic phone or other kinds of devices like tablets and hotspots. The price tags for tablets, hotspots, and wearables are $10, and for a basic phone, it’s $30. Also included in the Verizon share data are the following three plans:

  • Kids’ — This plan comes with parental control apps and 5GB of data.
  • Prepaid — No contract but the option for AutoPay, prices range from $45 to $65.
  • International — Three options: Traveling outside the US, Call, and message while in the US, Prepaid International services.

AT&T Wireless Plans

AT&T Wireless offers incredibly reliable and fast wireless to their users. There’s also a loyalty program for their subscribers, and they offer a lot of cool perks. In terms of technology, they keep up with all the latest innovations. And they’re making excellent progress when it comes to coverage. Just like Verizon, the company offers unlimited and shared data plans.

Unlimited Plans

Unlimited data plans are going to be the standard soon, and AT&T has several options in its offer. All of their data plans get unlimited text and talk data in the US, Mexico, and Canada. They also include automated fraud blocking and spam.

  • Unlimited Starter — priced at $65, standard quality streaming.
  • Unlimited Extra — priced at $75, standard streaming quality, 15GB hotspot, unlimited texting from the US to 120+ countries, 5G access.
  • Unlimited Elite — priced at $85, HD streaming, 30GB hotspot, 5G access, 100GB premium data, HBO included.

It’s important to point out that prices will change depending on how many lines are connected to the wireless network. The prices listed above were for one line only, and there’s a possibility of four lines.

Shared Data Plans

For shared plans, AT&T has two options. Users can also select how many lines they want to be connected to their plan. Both plans have unlimited and texting options. They also have SD streaming ability, mobile hotspot, Rollover Data, and talk & text option for Mexico.
The maximum number of devices is four, and these are here are the prices and what’s included:

  • Mobile Share Plus 3GB — priced at $50
  • Mobile Share Plus 9GB — priced at $60

Devices & Accessories

Most people who subscribe to a wireless plan from Verizon or AT&T are also looking to purchase a smartphone, tablet, or some other device. Not only are users able to get brand-new phones and gadgets, but they also get the option to pay for those phones in installments. Their offers from wireless networks are one of the main reasons they’ve become the place most people go to buy their mobile devices.
Paying for a new iPhone is quite expensive and not something everyone can do. Verizon and AT&T Wireless also offer headphones, speakers, laptops, and even accessories for cars. Smartwatches have also become one of the most popular items users can attach to their wireless data plan.

Picking the Right Plan

The number one thing to decide is whether to go with an unlimited or shared data plan. Going for a shared plan with data caps seems rather pointless if you end up buying more GBs after they’re gone. On the other hand, spending more for unlimited plans might seem like a good idea at first, but might not turn out to be the case in the end.

Either way, Verizon and AT&T are the two best wireless network providers in the US, and the quality and speed they provide are unparalleled.