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What is fiber TV?

When we discuss fiber TV, we’re referring to television delivered through fiber-optic cables. Protected by several layers of coatings, bundles of fiber-optic cables deliver data via infrared light. These cables are made of optical fibers, which are essentially hundreds or thousands of hair-thin strands. The strands are made of plastic for short-range communication and flexible glass for long-range communication.

So what does all that technical jargon mean for you? If you live in one of the heavily populated areas where television providers have installed fiber-optic networks, it could mean state-of-the-art television.

Because infrared light zooms through the optical fibers at the speed of light through glass (somewhat less than the speed of light through a vacuum, but still like something out of a science-fiction novel), it creates incredible broadband capacity.

This means it’s easy to deliver more channels, a clearer picture, and higher-fidelity sound that cable and satellite simply aren’t capable of. And since fiber sends data in a digital form, it doesn’t need to be translated from the analog data most other networks use. That means nothing gets lost in digital translation, so you can have the highest-definition experience possible.

Which providers offer fiber TV?

There are a few providers that currently offer fiber television: in this article, we discuss AT&T and Frontier. We’ve compared them in a handy chart for you below. Prices can vary widely based on the number of channels you subscribe to and if you bundle with an internet plan. We’ll also highlight each provider’s most notable TV and bundle packages.

Which fiber TV providers are available in your area?

If you want to know exactly what your provider options are, some websites will make you commit with your full address before they let you know what providers you can choose from—but not!

You can see your provider choices by simply entering your zip code.

How do I choose the right fiber TV package for me?

Once you’ve seen if any of the top fiber TV providers are in your area, you can narrow down your choices based on your personal tastes and budget. If you decide to bundle your TV service, make sure you’re getting internet speeds fast enough for your needs. And even if you’re not planning on using a home phone, some bundles with phones are actually less expensive than ones without, so you may want to consider it. Now get out there and choose the best fiber plan for you!

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